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Agios Konstantinos and Eleni Church (Ruins)

About Church

According to the oral accounts of locals, a modest church dedicated to Saints Constantine and Helen stood southwest of the village, in close proximity. Prior to 1980, the area contained columns that presumably belonged to the tiny church. Unknown as to what became of them. The other source specifies a chapel dedicated solely to Agios Constantinos, located north-east of Lakkos tou Fragos near the church of Agios Kassianos, north-east of Forest Radis very close to the Limassol and Paphos borders. There is no information regarding the history of the abandoned church. Possibly Agios Constantinos of Alamanos, who is also mentioned by Leontius Machira, is the only saint to whom the sanctuary is devoted.
Agios Konstantinos and Eleni Church (Ruins) in Alektora Village

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