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Alektora Picnic Site

About Picnic Site

The Alektora excursion site is located 1,3 km west of the village, in a magnificent setting with pine trees, vines, and wild vegetation. This Community Council investment initiative, completed between 2007 and 2013, was co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Cyprus as part of the Local Leader programme of the “Development Company of Limassol District Ltd.” Local Action Group. It has a capacity of 120 to 150 people and is readily accessible from both the community and the Archimandrite via existing rural roads. There are grills, tables, benches, two stone water taps with drinking water, and toilets, among other essentials, for the convenience and safety of the excursionists. In addition, the excursion area includes a playground with a variety of items. There is an access point, a suitable lavatory and a wheelchair-accessible table for persons with special requirements. Residents of Alektora chose this location as the most suitable for Clean Monday, or “to cut the Mutti of Sarakossi.” On such a day, the Community Council provides additional tables and chairs, lagans, wine, kites, and organises various traditional activities and contests. At the conclusion, commemorative medals and cups are awarded to the victors.
Picnic Site in Alektora Village
Picnic Site in Alektora Village

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